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“My nephew’s hotel was caught up in a major NCDOT roadway project right before the U.S. Open came to town. The entrances to the hotel were blocked with “Road Closed” signs, and the construction crew used much of the parking lot as a staging area for their equipment. We feared he would lose his business. The state deposited money with the Court, but it simply wasn’t enough. I hired Joan to help him. She negotiated with his lenders to reduce the payments on the hotel loans and helped him to refinance his debt. Then she persuaded the state to pay $1.2 million for the new right of way and staging area, which was more than double what they had offered him. At Joan’s insistence, they also repaired the damage to the parking lot and gave us a sign easement to help direct traffic to the hotel around the construction. Without Joan’s effort, all would have been lost. I cannot thank her enough.”

Suren Meyers
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