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“Joan – I appreciate all the hard work and time that your staff devoted to my case. It’s nice to know that someone cares about the feelings of others and is willing to help compensate for their loss. Once again, I say thank you and may God bless you and your staff.”

Sincere thanks, Earl Porter
Dear Joan,

“Our students at GGU public administration department and GGU law school have cited your eminent domain articles in their research papers. Thank you for helping not just your clients but also America’s classrooms.”

Best wishes,
Joaquin Jay Gonzalez III, Ph.D., Professor and Chair
Department of Public Administration, Edward S. Ageno School of Business
Golden Gate University

“My nephew’s hotel was caught up in a major NCDOT roadway project right before the U.S. Open came to town. The entrances to the hotel were blocked with “Road Closed” signs, and the construction crew used much of the parking lot as a staging area for their equipment. We feared he would lose his business. The state deposited money with the Court, but it simply wasn’t enough. I hired Joan to help him. She negotiated with his lenders to reduce the payments on the hotel loans and helped him to refinance his debt. Then she persuaded the state to pay $1.2 million for the new right of way and staging area, which was more than double what they had offered him. At Joan’s insistence, they also repaired the damage to the parking lot and gave us a sign easement to help direct traffic to the hotel around the construction. Without Joan’s effort, all would have been lost. I cannot thank her enough.”

Suren Meyers

“The state was poised to take over twenty acres of family farmland (inherited from my great-grandfather) for a highway project, when a friend referred me to Joan for advice. My cousins and I were not sure what to do. Some wanted to settle for the state’s offer, but others thought the land was worth more. Joan managed to corral all seven stakeholders, spread out all over the country, and gave us one voice. She kept us informed and engaged, and she worked diligently with us to achieve an amazing result. Joan and her team did an excellent job with their research, giving them a very solid position during the negotiations. Ultimately, we settled for $1.8 million – far more than the state’s initial offer. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a knowledgeable condemnation attorney.”

Dwight D Henninger DVM, PhD

“We rely on Joan’s exemplary skill to handle our eminent domain and real estate litigation in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia.   Joan’s approach to state and municipal roadway projects is the most innovative that I have seen.  She is proactive in keeping up with state and city roadway projects and often addresses a situation before it becomes a major problem for us.  She has worked with state and local officials to redesign many projects to reduce their impact on our business.  She ensures that our property rights are protected and that we receive just compensation for the rights are taken from us.  She seeks compromise where appropriate, but does not hesitate to litigate an issue that requires judicial resolution.  Her knowledge and expertise in dealing with commercial real estate litigation has proven invaluable to us time and again.”

Joe Lancaster
Real Estate Director
Rite Aid Corporation
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