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Our Fortune 500 litigation experience benefits individual landowners

Since 1983, Howard Stallings has represented large real estate developers, Fortune 500 corporations, shopping center owners, regional banks, homeowners associations and private investors in complex land condemnation and eminent domain actions valued at millions of dollars. Joan Davis is among the firm’s senior litigators.  Joan represents Fortune 500 companies, shopping center owners, regional banks, homeowners associations and private investors in complex litigation, including numerous condemnation cases. We have amassed a strong record at asserting our clients’ constitutional rights and obtaining true market value for the property taken. The firm now offers its specific knowledge and experience to individuals.

How a Raleigh, NC eminent domain attorney can help

If you’re in an eminent domain battle with federal, state, county or municipal government, you need a strong advocate on your side for numerous reasons:

  • Government’s low offer or absence of offer — The government’s initial offer often does not reflect the true value of the land. In cases of inverse condemnation, the government might not even admit that its actions adversely affect an owner’s land.
  • Quick-take provisions — State statutes allow certain entities to take control of your property as soon as they file suit and estimate your property’s value. Fortunately, our attorneys are ready to move just as quickly.
  • Lack of legitimate public purpose — The power to compel a land transfer to the government or to another private party can be implemented only when there is a valid public purpose for the taking. We thoroughly investigate your eminent domain action to ensure that it’s for a proper public purpose.
  • Disruption to your life — Our nation’s founders recognized that the government’s power to seize land has the power to disrupt your business and your life. That’s why the Constitution limits this power, and that’s why we fight for the rights of landowners, leaseholders, and businesses.

Contingency fees ensure cost-effective services

Often the only issue in a simple condemnation case is how much the government should pay you for your property. If that is the case, we might be able to assist you on a contingent fee basis, meaning we wouldn’t get paid for our services until you got paid for your land. Our arrangement would not reward us for the amount of the initial offer, but would base our fee on the difference between that amount and the final settlement or verdict. Our fee would be a portion of the additional amount we earn for you. In more complex cases, such as if you challenge the government’s right to the taking, hourly rates apply. In either case, we would provide you with a free initial consultation in which our attorney would explain your rights and answer your questions about how the process works.

For further information about our eminent domain services, see the individual bios for our lead attorneys:

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