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Exceptional Guardianship & Guardianship Litigation Attorneys in Raleigh, New Bern, and Morehead City, NC

We assist clients with helping them obtain legal authority to care for the personal and/or property interests of another person, who typically due incapacity (due to old age, infirmity or disability) or age  (a minor) cannot manage their own affairs.  We represent clients before the Court to initiate or modify a Guardianship or defend against it, if it is unneeded.    We also assist clients with preparing all necessary Accountings due to the Court as a result of a Guardianship.

A petition to appoint a guardian is a request to the court to remove a party’s legal rights and place them in the hands of a third party as guardian. There are two types of guardian. A guardian of the person handles day-to-day living and healthcare decisions. A guardian of the estate handles finances. A guardian can hold both these roles, in which they are called a general guardian. Guardianships are appropriate where a person has mentally and/or physically declined to the point that they can no longer handle their daily care or decision making. This is most often seen with elderly people or people with mental or other health handicaps. If you have a loved one whom you have concerns for, or witness a loved one making questionable or dangerous decisions regarding their finances or healthcare, a guardianship may be an appropriate remedy. An emergency guardianship may be appropriate where an immediate guardian needs to be put in place. Our attorneys are well-experienced in these cases and have handled a wide variety of situations and guardianships. Our attorneys are happy to review your guardianship litigation options and discuss with you whether this may be an appropriate avenue to pursue.


At Howard Stallings Law Firm, we draw on decades of experience to handle your guardianship needs. Call 919-821-7700 or contact us online to speak with an experienced attorney. Free parking is available at our offices.

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