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Raleigh, New Bern, And Morehead City Attorneys Create Workable Commercial Lease Agreements

Clear, effective contract provisions guard your interests

The law gives greater deference to commercial lease agreements than to residential leases, because parties engaged in business exchanges are deemed to be more sophisticated and operating on more equal footing than residential landlords and tenants. That places the onus on you, as a party contracting for a commercial lease, to negotiate a contract that serves your business purposes. To ensure that a lease would be equitable, it is essential to consult experienced legal counsel. Since 1983, Howard Stallings Law Firm has helped businesses and commercial property owners/developers reach mutually beneficial agreements that anticipate a full range of contingencies and advance their commercial goals.

Getting the necessary contract provisions on favorable terms

The commercial real estate attorneys at Howard Stallings Law Firm are determined to facilitate lease agreements that promote our clients’ business objectives. We draft, review and negotiate leases for North Carolina landlords and tenants in myriad commercial scenarios, including retail, industrial, office, government and special-use situations. We structure and negotiate build-to-suit leases, ground leases and green leases. For tenants, we ensure the inclusion of a wide range of contingencies that protect their businesses, such as:

  • Anchor store co-tenancy
  • Engineer’s report
  • Environmental cleanup lien
  • Financing
  • Inspector’s report
  • Permit and zoning
  • Remodel and renovation
  • Surveyor’s report

Setting parameters for curable and non-curable defaults

A mutually beneficial lease agreement should not be voided for minor infractions that are easily corrected. Yet, there are limits to what either party should have to endure before being able to void a lease or initiate an eviction. Neither the landlord’s interference with the tenant’s business nor the tenant’s negligent or willful destruction of the landlord’s property should be tolerated. Howard Stallings Law Firm helps parties delineate their expectations and negotiate remedy provisions to enforce those expectations.

Should our clients encounter any commercial lease disputes, our team is ready to resolve the conflict through a variety of means, from negotiation and arbitration to litigation in state court.

Contact our exceptional Raleigh law firm regarding commercial lease agreements in Raleigh, New Bern and Morehead City, NC

A commercial lease is a commitment for the long haul. Howard Stallings Law Firm helps landlords and tenants reach agreements for their long-term benefit. To schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable commercial real estate lawyer in Raleigh, New Bern, or Morehead City, NC, call us today at 919-821-7700, or contact us online.

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