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Raleigh Law Firm Helps Dissolve Businesses in North Carolina

Hands-on legal counsel for voluntary and involuntary corporate closures

Theoretically, a business could endure forever, but most companies have a lifecycle, and dissolution is the final stage. There are numerous reasons to end a business: insolvency, mismanagement, obsolescence, or even divorce. Whatever your reasons for deciding to dissolve your business, Howard Stallings Law Firm has the knowledge and experience to help you cease operations in the most expeditious manner, settling your obligations and avoiding future liability. Our meticulous business attorneys will work closely with you to develop a strategy for transparency and compliance and a detailed timeline for meeting your objectives. We represent your interests against all claimants, whether they are partners, shareholders, vendors, or state and federal tax agencies. At Howard Stallings Law Firm you get exceptional representation from highly ethical and professional attorneys.

Close, personal assistance for voluntary of NC businesses

Often the handwriting is on the wall: your business isn’t profitable, your partners aren’t getting along, or an impending divorce forces liquidation. When your stakeholders agree that dissolution is in the best interests of all involved, our attorneys can provide personal yet expeditious service to swiftly settle the company’s affairs.

Staunch representation for involuntary dissolution actions in North Carolina

At other times, a company’s stakeholders are split about the best course for the business. You may find yourself advocating, or opposing, a court action to force an involuntary dissolution due to

  • Partnership Dispute — Those heading the company disagree about the direction it should take, and reconciliation seems unlikely, and corporate governance, impossible.
  • Bankruptcy — Creditors may attempt to force your company into bankruptcy because they fear that the current course of the company will result in insolvency.
  • Shareholder Oppression — A minority of the stakeholders believe that the majority is not observing fiduciary duties and is abusing corporate power for personal interests, to the detriment of the company.

Under such contentiousness, you need strong legal representation to address the important issues without incurring crushing debt or additional tax liability. The tax issue is huge, because individual owners of the business will owe any unpaid state and federal tax.

Get close, personal attention for your business dissolution in Raleigh, New Bern, and Morehead City, NC

Howard Stallings Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services as companies go through voluntary or involuntary dissolution. Call us today at 919-821-7700 or contact us online to speak with an experienced business attorney. Free parking is available at our offices.

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