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Creditor Representation, Bankruptcy & Bankruptcy Litigation Attorneys In Raleigh, New Bern, And Morehead City, NC


Creditors sometimes must resort to the legal system to obtain payment. Debtors often assert defenses to payment and have legal rights that may affect a creditor’s rights. Our firm, known statewide for civil commercial litigation, also has an unparalleled depth of experience in North Carolina business and bankruptcy law. We have substantial experience representing banks, financial institutions, and private businesses in pursuing debtors, guarantors, and collateral to maximize our creditor clients’ recovery.

Our experience and knowledge of commercial litigation, business law, and bankruptcy law uniquely position our firm to represent creditors in and out of bankruptcy, including:

  • Foreclosures
  • Fraudulent transfer litigation
  • Involuntary bankruptcies
  • Motions for relief from stay
  • Objections to plans and confirmation
  • Preference suits
  • Receivership proceedings
  • State court collections

If you have a claim against a debtor company based on a commercial lease agreement, commercial mortgage or commercial contract, Howard Stallings Law Firm can provide highly competent representation to protect your interests.

Our firm also offers services in simple debt collection, including the collection of accounts receivables from delinquent customers.


Bankruptcy laws are written so that honest, but unfortunate debtors can get out from under the crushing weight of debt they can never hope to repay. Bankruptcy has repercussions for creditors in that their claims can be restructured and frequently are paid at less than the full amount.

At Howard Stallings Law Firm, we represent creditors in bankruptcy proceedings and bankruptcy litigation to mitigate their potential losses and collect as much of the unpaid debt as possible. Our team of business litigators understands the complicated rules involved in bankruptcy proceedings and will vigorously defend your interests to minimize the impact of a debtor’s bankruptcy on your finances.

In addition to representing creditors, Jim Angell represents debtors in business cases. His business background, litigation experience and familiarity with the bankruptcy courts as a chapter 7 trustee gives him the skills to assist business clients in working out debt with creditors, reorganizing their business debt or, in appropriate cases, closing their businesses.

Bankruptcy Litigation

Lawsuits, or “adversary proceedings,” are frequently filed by debtors in bankruptcy or by trustees seeking to recover money or property for the estate as “preferences,” as “fraudulent transfers,” or under other provisions of the Bankruptcy Code. Often these lawsuits are filed against creditors who are already at risk of not being paid. These lawsuits require not only understanding the provisions of the Bankruptcy Code, and state law, but litigation skills. Our team of business litigators is experienced in these matters. Jim Angell serves on the Chapter 7 trustee panel for the Eastern District of North Carolina and is constantly involved in these cases as a plaintiff. Jim has substantial experience in bringing these suits resulting in their understanding defenses to these lawsuits and settlement opportunities available to a defendant. Jim is certified as a Business Bankruptcy Specialist by the North Carolina State Board of Legal Specialization and the American Board of Certification.


Our clients seeking representation in debtor-creditor matters and bankruptcy trust Howard Stallings Law Firm to advocate to mitigate their potential losses. Our reputation for litigation throughout North Carolina speaks for itself. Call us today at 919-821-7700 or contact our office online. Free parking is available at our locations.

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