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Improper Execution of Trust Documents

In addition to a will, trusts are becoming more popular as a way to pass a person’s estate. If you believe that a person incorrectly signed a trust, or amended a trust to change a beneficiary designation or other trust clause, you may have legal rights that our attorneys can work to protect by pursuing trust litigation. If the person signing the trust was incompetent or influenced by another person to sign the trust, our attorneys can work to have those documents reversed.

Improper Trust Administration

The trustee of a trust handles all of the trust assets and makes distribution of the trust funds pursuant to the terms of the trust. If you believe a trustee is not protecting the assets of a trust or not wisely investing them, our attorneys can help you in enforcing your legal rights through trust litigation. Trustees may also be required to submit annual accountings of the trust assets. If you are entitled to annual accountings, our attorneys can help you enforce your legal rights to receive them. If a trustee is misusing the trust funds or otherwise not fulfilling their fiduciary duties, there may be grounds to remove them as trustee of the trust. Our attorneys have handled many trustee removal cases and would be happy to review your case with you.

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