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NCDOT is making plans for the next two decades

NCDOT Making Plans

NCDOT is making plans for the next two decades – What do you need to know?

A new Interactive Map provides answers!

By B. Joan Davis

Every two years the NCDOT reports on the status of the state’s highway projects, detailing funding and schedules for construction. The state released the draft 2018-2027 report earlier this month and is now in the process of soliciting public comment.  The detailed plans can be reviewed on the NCDOT website:

But, to help you zero in on projects that may affect you or your business, check out this NCDOT interactive map.  This is an amazing tool that we use to track projects that affect our clients. The legend displayed here will help you focus on the types of projects that are most impactful.  For example, bridge projects at major intersections can be very disruptive for businesses in that area.  If you have questions about how a specific project might affect you, please give me a call at 919-821-7700.

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